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Curio Bay Walkway

Walk back in time, from the lush and green Living Forest to its 180 million year old predecessor, the Curio Bay Petrified Forest.

In 2009, the South Catlins Charitable Trust, along with the funding and support of  The Community Trust of Southland, purchased a remnant forest block,  adjacent to Waikawa-Curio Bay Road, with a vision to add it to the existing  Recreation/Scientific Reserves at Curio Bay and create a public-owned walkway.

Installing the walkway collection box.

Installing the walkway collection box.

This vision is now coming to fruition, with the Curio Bay Walkway Project being officially launched in July 2010.

This walkway will take visitors on an educational walk through the living history of the forest; from young pole-rimu stands just starting their growth, through to the more established Kamahi-rate forest, manuka wetlands and finally out to the Curio Bay Petrified Forest.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Men of the Trees, and the volunteer efforts of the Toi Tois Lions, the Trust has now stock proof fenced the area to create an immediate protection of the forest.

Local children are involved in planting new plants. International students from overseas  through the company Little Brown Kiwi visit on an annual basis and also participate in planting.

Local children planting trees

Local children planting trees

In August 2014 a collection box was installed at the entrance of the walkway where a sign will soon be erected.

You can support the preservation of this unique living forest.  For a donation, a section of walkway will be allocated to you, and you will receive your name engraved on one of the interpretation panels along the walkway.

Your contribution will be used by the community to:

  • Protection the forest for future generations
  • Restore Native Species
  • Fence and Protect from Predators and Stock
  • Develop and construct the walkway

Please complete the following information:

I wish to support the Curio Bay Walkway:

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Please make cheques payable to:
South Catlins Charitable Trust.

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