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The Curio Bay Heritage Centre is an ambitious project costing around $5 million dollars.

The new development on the site has to be ‘just right’. It must be of world class standard, be environmentally and culturally appropriate, meet the needs of the visitors and most of all protect the Fossil Forest, Yellow Eyed Penguins, Hector’s Dolphins and the expansive sandy beach.

To achieve this the South Catlins Charitable Trust is fundraising, establishing commercial and community partnerships and rolling up shirt sleeves. The aim is to have this finished by 2010.

We need help and would welcome you on board as a Guardian of Curio Bay. Guardians are people who wish to offer financial assistance and/ or voluntary assistance towards making the Curio Bay Natural Heritage project a reality.

The Trust has approved legal tax exemption/ Donee status in New Zealand and will provide receipts for all donations received. Every little helps!

Click here to become a Guardian of Curio Bay now